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Fall time fashion

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So sadly summer time has official come to a close. But the bright side is that fashions favorite time of year is here….FALL!! Personally this is my all time favorite time for my wardrobe; you can layer, mix textures, and wear boots!! So what does #fall2016 hold for us this year?

Suede of course– This ultra plush texture is here to stay for the long haul taking us straight through winter. Suede jackets, boots, and skirts are all must haves for this season. A suede jacket may be a bit of a splurge but well worth it as an investment piece, you will be happy you did!!

Suede for Fall


Embroidery– this beautiful trend is fun, romantic, and oh so lady like! Grab an embroidered jacket, a fab pair of booties, or a handbag with an amazing pattern to take you through fall! It is a perfect addition in a taking that outfit to the next lady like level.

Embroidered Fashion 1


Embroidered Shoes for Fall


Bomber jackets– Yes they have made a return from the 90’s and are back in a big way! This jacket trend is bigger and better than ever. With fun floral patterns, deep colors, and rich textures. I love this trend for all occasions it can be taken to the office, out for a drink, or to the ball game. It is definitely one that will get some use this season and more; as fall comes to an end us it as a layering piece as the temperature begins to drop.

Bomber Jacks for Fall


Statement Fur – Fall is all about bold rich hues and luxurious textures. And this fall is no exception, you will see fur of all kinds colored, patterns, and fun textures! This season is especially favorable to the olive green and dark burgundy. For those that are eco conscious there are plenty of faux options. This trend should not be over looked, a statement fur is a great was to make an ordinary outfit extraordinary!!

Fall Fashion Trend: statement fur


Fall Fashion: statement fur


Grab one of these trends, grab a few, and dive into fall. It is truly the most fashionable time of the year!!


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Gladiators: this summer’s warrior trend

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Lets talk about this summers biggest shoe trend….the gladiator sandal. By now you have seen them in every spring/summer catalog and on every new shoe display. They are fun, whimsical, perfect for the upcoming festival season and will add a little edge to any maxi dress this season. So how do you nail this trend and find your inner warrior princess?

For those that were granted legs for days your options are limitless with this trend! You can pull off a knee high gladiator, a lace up, or an ankle length beauty.

Festival Style

For the petite gals out there the options are a little more limited because the taller gladiator can cut off the legs and make them appear shorter. But, a pair that is nude or metallic will work nicely, the nude won’t cut your lines and leave your legs looking longer. The short gladiator hitting at the ankle is also a good look. Options that lace up are nice as well because you can tie them as high or low as you desire.

Simple Casual

For the thicker calf girls the tall gladiator can be a bit of a challenge but, you can still embrace the trend with a lace up option that allows you to adjust the width. It is best to pick a fabric that will stretch like a soft leather or suede to give maximum comfort.

Lace up gladiator

Those that have slimmer legs this trend works really well for you as you can wear a taller gladiator that zips and it will fit your calf. A lace up and adjustable option is perfect as well because you can tighten it as much as you need.

Gladiator Sandals

Whatever the size or shape this trend is a must have this season!!

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Matching not required!!

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Matching… extremely overrated thing if you ask me! I am not sure why some women insist on matching from head to toe. Sure I love a monochromatic outfit as much as the next girl but I am talking matching your shoes to your shirt and your purse and maybe even the lipstick….ugh makes me cringe just thinking about it! Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with having an outfit that coordinates but everything does not need to match I repeat not everything needs to match!

Matching seems to be a style crutch for a lot of women out there, but let’s break out of this style box! Don’t be afraid to mix your patterns and add color where it doesn’t normally go! Here are some basic rules to follow on coordinating but NOT matching: Neutrals are brown, black, beige,metallics, and anything in that family including leopard!! Neutrals can be paired with any pattern, color, or any other neutral.Remember your primary colors: blue, yellow,and red, these can be paired with one another anytime and along with any neutral or pattern. Patterns mix them up, a great start is to pair patterns with the same colors.

But most of all: Don’t get stuck on matching have fun with your outfit and step outside the box!


Matching not required


Mix your pattern


Matching not required

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Valentine’s Day outfit guide

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Valentine’s Day…..some of us love it others can do without it. Whatever your sentiment you want to make sure you look good; whether you are going on a hot date, a first date, or out to cheers the day with your girls. Here are some outfit ideas for the various occasions:


Sexy red dress


Love Bug: heading on a hot date with that special someone…. You want to be sure to catch their eye and keep their attention all night long! This tempting red dress paired with spicy heels will have heads turning and mouths drooling.



Romatic night out

New to the game: going on a first date or maybe a new romance; you want to be cool, sexy, and confident, without looking like you tried too hard. A romantic romper is perfect for the occasion paired with a sexy sandal and a sultry pout. You will be ultra-comfortable but still look stunning; effortless is key to this look.


V-day options


Girls night out: cheers to the single life a night out with the girls is always a good time. For this occasion edgy and sassy is the way to go! A daring hem line paired with a cool tee and an amazing leather jacket; you will be the life of the party!


Casual comfortable


Netflix and Chill: staying in on this romantic occasion; I know sweat pants can be tempting but take it up a notch with a cute pair of leggings and great sweater, you will be comfy and cute.

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Game Day Attire

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The time has come….super bowl 50! Now to some of us this means absolutely nothing, others it means a day of great snacks, and some of us are die hearts with face paint and foam fingers ready to go. I happen to love sports and can’t wait for super bowl Sunday particularly the half time show…. But what should I wear? I am not the jersey type of girl but still want to be festive and appropriate for the big day. So to help my fellow fashionistas here are a few outfit ideas for however you choose to take in the game.


Game day attire II



Game day attire


Game day attire III

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Snow storm aftermath staying cute and warm

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So snow storm Jonas came through and left its mark on the East Coast. Everyone was stuck inside catching up on movies, their favorite shows and binge eating snacks however, it is now time to crawl out of the hole and resume life as usual. Unfortunately, we cant stay in our sweat pants forever….

How about some style inspiration: keeping warm and looking chic in the winter madness.

Here are a few outfits that will make it a little easier to get out of your warm bed and face the cold winter days.

Winter time Chic I

Winter time Chic II

winter time chic III

Winter time Chic VI

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All Black Everything

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I don’t know about you but black is my go to, especially during the winter!

This seems to be the case for the majority in fact approximately 66% of women say that they prefer to wear black! So since black seems to be the color of preference lets take a look at how to do black and make it look fabulous.

Here are 5 chic ways to do all black everything!!

When going out in all black i love to do a vibrant lip, completes the outfit in a major way!


All Black Everything I


Wearing all black to the office doesn’t have to be boring, play with different textures to give your outfit an extra dose of awesome!
All Black Everything II


Casual street style a black tee and a moto jack gives instant edge and takes your casual jeans to another level.


All Black Everything III


Date night there is nothing like the LBD. To bring visual interest add a fun clutch and statement earrings.


All Black Everything IV


Going to brunch with the girls turn up in all black separates!


All Black Everything V


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